Stopping. And Going.

I previously discussed some of the benefits of a modern software deployment process–where continual updates and additions provide customers with the latest and greatest product without having upgrade costs getting in the way. As a software producer, I like the freedom that this incremental process gives me.

Never Finished

There’s many things I love about building software. One of my favorite aspects is the ability to make incremental product improvements over time.

It’s Not an Issue

We’re drowning in an ocean of weasel words and euphemisms.1 Why be direct when you can use veiled words that obfuscate what you really mean?

Native and Web

Since the introduction of Apple’s iOS App Store over four years ago, the development and distribution strategy for shipping mobile apps–web vs. native–has been continually discussed and debated. There are clear advantages to either web or native app approaches.

Designed to Delight (Part 3)

As I’ve been exploring delightful software, I’ve focused on consumer software–software that’s designed and built for everyday users. But what about enterprise software–software that’s designed to fulfill a specific business need for a company?

Designed to Delight (Part 2)

Last time I explored the notion of delightfully-designed software. Delightful software is empathetic, detail-focused software–with a dash of unexpected fun thrown in. Now for some specifics.

Designed to Delight (Part 1)

If you’re building consumer software, you’re never wrong to follow the classic refrain, “form follows function.” Whether it’s a smart phone app, a traditional desktop application, or a website, an app’s user interface should extend from the problem it’s trying to solve. In other words, the problem needs to inform the solution.

New Start

I’ve decided to begin writing again. This isn’t a spontaneous decision; I’ve wanted to do this for years but several factors have kept me at bay. I write “factors” but I mean “excuses”: