What do we lose—and who are we overlooking—in the race to software-ize all the things?

Bureaucratic Waste

As an organization grows, it’s all too easy to succumb to “minor” culture changes that seem innocuous, but in the long run add up to cause a cultural stifling to occur.

My Best Work

What are you most proud of from the past month? The past six months? The past year?

A User Rating Recession

Online rating systems are ubiquitous. After the birth of the “user-generated” web in the early 2000’s, user ratings are still the most prevalent–and oddly unchanged–remnant of that bygone Web 2.0 era.

The Perfect Puzzle

There are a lot of jobs where vague, unclear problems are the norm, and problems aren’t so much solved as they are just dealt with. This certainly can describe many problems in the software world.

The Nuances of Failure

Fail early, fail fast, fail often.

That’s a mantra whose usage has seen a recent upsurge by technology startup circles during the last several years.

Using Open Source Projects

We’re in a golden age of open source software. Largely due to the popularity of Github, there’s thousands of great open source projects written in any and every programming language. Such an easily accessible repository of others’ code provides a great deal of value